Support and Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been asked by winning baccarat players many times before and will help you very much.

If you have questions then please email. I will always reply. or Contact Form 
The SYSTEM is continually being UPGRADED and updated when new winning data is available. The SOFTWARE WILL BE UPDATED and you can have the system UPGRADES and software for FREE for 5 years.

A short description…

1. There are 2 software. Win at Baccarat GOLD and Win at Baccarat ONLINE.
2. The GOLD software is so you can practice the Predictor before you go to land casinos. It tells you when you are right and when you are wrong.
3. The ONLINE software is when you play at an online casino. You enter the result of the hands played at the online casino and the software tells you to bet on Banker or Player.

“What are the differences between Win@Baccarat GOLD and the ONLINE version?”

“Win@Baccarat GOLD – Predictor System” is the original version and contains the Predictor System that can be used by you in land based casinos and online casinos once you have learnt the system and practised it using the GOLD software.

The “Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System” version also contains exactly the same Predictor System as the GOLD version but has the added feature of doing the Predictor System calculations for you as you play on an online casino.

So when you are playing online you have the ONLINE version active side by side with the online casino, you enter the online casino results into the ONLINE version, and the software will make the decisions for you telling you when and where to bet next. It will make your life a lot easier when playing online.

“What percentage of shoes do you win?”

Over 70% or 70 shoes won out of every 100.

“The advantage that you say the system has, is that after commission on Banker has been paid?”


“Do you have player testimonials?”

Yes we do and some players have been kind enough to allow their email addresses to be published so that you can contact them to see what they have to say.

More info click here.

“I understand you cannot give the system away – but more ideas about what I would get would help.”

1. Access to the DETAILS of the Predictor System
which contains –
The basis of the BREAKTHROUGH.

2. Definitions of the KEY DETERMINANTS used in the Predictor System.

3. When to enter a shoe, when to start, and when to stop betting after you have entered a shoe.

4. The optimum figures for Mode 1 (Banker and Player) and Mode 2 (Vertical and Single).

5. An EXAMPLE shoe showing how the important betting decisions were made.

6. How the two Modes interact with each other – Synergy.

7. Explanation of the Predictor System window on the Scoring Card.

8. Practical casino consideration for easy tracking of Modes 1 and 2.

9. The ‘Practice’ button will be usable so you can practice the system on Win@Baccarat GOLD before going to the casino.

10. and much much more…
This has been developed by experts after many years of research.


Give me a FREE demo!

Over 4 years of development so you will WIN, and EASY to use.

Note that this is quality software and no rubbish is installed !!!
I promise you that this is the best baccarat software that you have ever seen.

100 FREE Predictions for YOU to use at an online casino.

Click here! FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD Win@Baccarat GOLD
TEST the system on 3007 real casino shoes from around the world and tens of thousands of computer generated shoes.

If you cannot download the software please email me at or Contact Form and I will be able to help.

“Sounds like I need a computer at the casino to use this Predictor System.”

No way. The Predictor System was designed to be easy and practical to use in a real casino and is helping many thousands of baccarat players around the world to win.

The software that the Predictor System is contained in is just an easy way to get it to customers and to allow them to practise it before using it in real land based or online casinos.

“Please explain how downloading this program will prove that it works before I buy it?”

Win@Baccarat GOLD contains a PROOF run that you can run over and over again that applies the Predictor System to the 3007 Real Casino Shoes collected from around the world and also computer simulation baccarat shoes.

Bets are automatically made and detailed statistics keep track of winnings so that you can see for yourself just how powerful the system can be.

“How long will it take me to learn the system to be playing live in a casino?”

That depends very much on the individual. Some players have reported being able to use it within one day but the average is closer to 2 or 3 days.

It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into practicing on the computer.

“Does the Win@Baccarat Gold Predictor System come with a manual with the rules?”

When you purchase the GOLD version you will receive a registration key that will unlock the DETAILS of the Predictor System inside the software and also enable you to practice the system before going to the casino.

You will be able to print the system with detailed diagrams for yourself. A manual is not sent out as we often make improvements to the system and you can access them in the the new versions of the software for FREE for 5 years.

“The Online Predictor System says that I have to buy the Gold version of Win@Baccarat. Do I have to do that just to test the Online version?”

No – you do not need the GOLD version to test the 100 FREE predictions in the ONLINE version.

“Some online casinos shuffle after every hand. Does that affect the Predictor System?”

No – because the Predictor System does not rely on card counting nor pattern recognition. It also works fine for any number of decks in a shoe.

“I do not play online casinos so, which of your programs would be best for strictly land based casino play.”

Win@Baccarat GOLD has the details of the Predictor System, which is perfect for land-based casinos.

“Have you run the Predictor System using the Zumma baccarat tester book and if so then what were the results?”

The Zumma baccarat tester contains 600 shoes that were recorded at a casino. We entered these shoes into a database and applied the Predictor System to them and achieved an average of 3.8 units won per shoe.

This is very similar to what was achieved when the Predictor System was run over the 3000 Real Casino Shoes that we collected.

The breakdown is –
Shoes won = 447 at 5.92 units per shoe.
Shoes lost = 125 at 3.84 units per shoe.

“Will this system run on iPhone or Android?”

Not now, but we are working hard on a web-based system. Please come back to check on our progress.

“Does the system have the same advantage against the Internet casinos?”

If you play at a reputable online casino then the Predictor System will work in exactly the same way.

“Is this system a flat betting system or is there a progressive betting pattern used?”

Flat. There is no progression involved, as the risk of ruin is too high.

“Does the Predictor System involve counting cards?”

No – this system is much easier.

There is no card counting.

“Will this system run on Macs?”

It is a Windows based software but it will run on Macs if you have a productlike Virtual PC from Connectix running on your Mac.