The window that appears immediately after any “Click to Open Table” button is pressed is the "score card". This will be filled with the results of hands dealt. Experienced baccarat players use score cards to view trends during a shoe to help them with betting strategies and money management.

The description at the top of the score card is explained in the OPTIONS (score cards) help topic.

Win@Baccarat Gold has many styles in the way the card is marked.

A. Show Chips Won or Lost For Each Hand


Inside each of the markings the number of chips bet is shown. If the bet was a loss then it is shown in red. This type of marking is very useful when you are concentrating on a particular betting strategy.

B. Show Hand Score For Each Hand


Sometimes players focus on the scores of each hand as well as the vertical runs in order to determine the next result. Win@Baccarat Goldwill keep track of this for you.

(The image at the top shows an example of this)

C. Highlight Naturals


As a further aid to determining trends Naturals can be highlighted as an oval shape by Win@Baccarat Gold™.

(The image at the top shows an example of this)

To show all hands as squares just click the button again.

D. Player Marked in Blue


Some players like to mark the player in blue instead of red. Win@Baccarat Goldcan do this for you.

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