1.To start playing simply click on the “Play Tables” button or the Start/Start Playing Menu and follow the instructions below.

2. Then click on one or many of the 9 table selection buttons.

If “Auto Deal” is “Yes” then shuffling will occur automatically and you will be able to play straight away.

3. If “Auto Deal” is “No” then you will have to press the “Shuffle Cards” button before you can play.

(If “Auto Deal” is “Yes” and multiple tables are being played simultaneously then the tables without the focus will be played automatically for you while the current table (the active one) will wait for you to deal a hand. To switch between tables simply click anywhere on a score card or on the table number.)

This simulates walking around the casino looking for patterns that you like to play on.


(Score cards show amongst other things the Banker and Player patterns of a shoe and in Win@Baccarat Gold™ different cards represent different tables.)

4. Then to deal cards click the "Deal" button.

Throughout the help text the terms TABLE and SHOE are often interchangeable and mean the same thing as for example you can ‘play a table’ or ‘play a shoe’, or ‘open a table’ or ‘open a shoe’ etc.

TIP – many windows (not just score card windows) are sizeable allowing you to reduce the area so only the essential functions are visible.

There are numerous features in Win@Baccarat Gold™. Please take the time to read other sections of the HELP system and especially the section on the ‘Predictor System’.

I’m sure you’ll find the Gold edition truly rewarding.

Happy and prosperous playing to you.


“I love this game!”

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