At last, I got ‘horse’ to tell us his story. Actually he dictated it to me. He is one of the most colorful characters you will ever meet, a rough diamond who would give the shirt off his back to help people. Why ‘horse’? because of his rough voice, probably from smoking all those cigars. ha ha ha!

Lee Jones

Patrick Moore

Important news

We hired a data scientist recently to analyze the shoes we have all played and I am blown away by the amazing improvements in results. Wins have gone thru the roof. Anyway I’ll let Lee explain. Please go to the home page for more information.


So before I tell my story, I just want to say that you need to look at “how to win at baccarat online” as this is very popular and I am hearing about some truly amazing wins.

Howdy everybody. Well I finally got around to telling you all a bit about myself. I’m a baccarat player not an author. Waste of time if you ask me. hahaha. I spend years perfecting a baccarat system that works, sell it for a song so you folks don’t keep losing, and now I gotta spend time telling you my life story. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to fellow gamblers, I’m no grouch, just not sure about this biography thing. Lee talked me into this as he reckons he gets emails asking about the guys that created this system. So let’s go.

I’ve been gambling for longer than I care to remember, everything from pinochle to the horses, to blackjack, to craps. Most of the time in my younger days I was a first class jerk, as I would bet on impulse, feelings, whatever a pretty girl recommended etc. I think you get the picture.

Sure I read books and tried to follow their advice but in the end I thought I knew everything and bet accordingly. Did I win? Sure, for a while. Did I win in the long run? No way. I would lose all my hard earned money, then work like a dog to save some cash, then lose again. I kept getting whacked time and time again only to come back with a new system, method, and technique, call it what you like. Makes me laugh when I think back how I used to tell everyone who would listen at the table about my new sure-fire, can’t-lose, will-win, system. All no good. My friends, admit it, you all have done at least some of these things. I tell ya, it’s rough being a gambler.

Well that’s the bad news out of the way. I guess I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have something good to say.

In the early nineties I started to look at baccarat more closely as it had a certain mystique about it, seemed to be stress free compared to say blackjack card counting, and large chips were bet. Easy I thought. No way baby! Just like all the other stuff. Couldn’t win in the long run.

However by now I was older and much wiser in the ways of gambling (and not much else my wife says…) so I spent a lot more time reading and thinking and practising, rather then just throwing my money down the gurgler.

To cut to the chase, over about 4 years I discovered certain sequences of banker and player kept appearing followed by certain predictable results. I started cautiously playing in a certain way and slowly over time I noticed that I was winning more than I was losing, and that when I did lose my loses were not as much as before. Anyway I kept fine-tuning and playing, and playing and fine-tuning, until I was winning twice as many shoes as I lost.

This takes me up to the time that I met Wong. Like most baccarat players I like to watch how other people play. I tell ya most play like a bunch of chumps and I don’t give them a second look. However one guy caught my eye. He seemed to be playing to a set method and he also seemed to be winning, and big.

This was in Vegas and I kept an eye on him for maybe up to a week. Then by chance one night he was sitting at a table next to me so we struck up a conversation. Over the next week or so we talked more and more, observed each other’s play, and though we’re totally different types of people we formed a friendship. We shared our systems and discovered that we could improve our turnover dramatically, and therefore winnings, by using both systems together. For a laugh we called it the Predictor System. Corny I know, but that is exactly what it does. Predict winnings.

We also wanted to take the rough edges out of it so we contacted Lee Jones who had some incredible baccarat software for sale and got him to maximize the winnings. He didn’t charge us but we gave him the rights to sell it for a cut of the action.

Why sell it? Well Wong and I both agreed that too many people lose way too much by playing blind. If they have the guts to commit to learning something positive and apply discipline then they deserve to get something good out of baccarat. It’s not for the money, no way baby, as it’s not an expensive system, costs are high, and we make most of our money from playing baccarat.

Finally, don’t be a dope, don’t get whacked time and again as I did, don’t kid yourself. You need this system. Don’t believe me? Fine, but do yourself a favor and play it smart. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

Remember, the pro bets to win, the beginner bets to bet.

See you in the winner’s room.

Patrick (the horse) Moore

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