How to Win at Baccarat at Online Casinos

Win up to $1650 a day for only 4 hours play.

Over 4 years of development so you will WIN, and EASY to use.

That’s correct. You only have to play 4 hours in one day and you will win $1650. This is based on online play as hands are dealt as fast as you want them.

Land casino play is of course slower but bets are higher so the results are much the same.

(Based on $50 bets, and 10 shoes of about 80 hands in 4 hours. This is the betting speed achieved by experienced players.)


A short description…

1. There are 2 software. Win at Baccarat GOLD and Win at Baccarat ONLINE.
2. The GOLD software is so you can practice the Predictor before you go to land casinos. It tells you when you are right and when you are wrong.
3. The ONLINE software is when you play at an online casino. You enter the result of the hands played at the online casino and the software tells you to bet on Banker or Player.

TEST it for yourself to prove that it will win for you.

Over 4 years of development so you will WIN, and EASY to use.

The ‘Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System™’ software is designed to assist you when you play Baccarat on online casinos. You enter a result with a single click and the Predictor System™ tells you when and where to bet next. It could not be more easy.

By using the Predictor System you’ll WIN 2 out of every 3 casino shoes, which means you WIN 5% to 7% of turnover.

To test Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System™ just start playing your favorite online casino and enter the results into ‘Enter Online Casino Results’ using the Banker/Player/Ties buttons, and let the Predictor System™ do its work. You have FREE predictions that you can test with before the predictions are disabled.

“Some online casinos shuffle after every hand. Does that affect the Predictor System?”
No – because the Predictor System™ does not rely on card counting nor pattern recognition.


This video shows you how easy it is to use the ONLINE software to play at an online casino. It does not show a total shoe as the hands are dealt slowly and the casinos do not like their games being recorded and shown like this. Sorry, I will say it again…this video is just about showing you how easy it is to use the software.

Give me a FREE demo!

Over 4 years of development so you will WIN, and EASY to use.

Note that this is quality software and no rubbish is installed !!!
I promise you that this is the best baccarat software that you have ever seen.

100 FREE Predictions for YOU to use at an online casino.

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TEST the system on 3007 real casino shoes from around the world and tens of thousands of computer generated shoes.

If you cannot download the software please email me at or Contact Form and I will be able to help.

PROOF that You Will Win at Online Casinos

Easy to use

1. Click on ‘Start / End Play’ to start the play.

2. Click on Banker / Player / Tie to enter casino results.

That is all. Once you start entering the results from an online casino the Predictor System™ will tell you where to bet once the conditions are in your favor by blinking the Banker or Player button.

Casino style score card with bet indicator and mini-statistics


A casino style score card can be shown as well. That is up to you.

When the Predictor System™ recommends a bet the green ‘BET’ sign flashes together with either Banker, Player, Jump, or Same. The number of free predictions left is displayed for you as well.

Statistics window

Keep track of your winnings