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My name is Lee Jones and you will learn how to win at baccarat at online casinos and land casinos. I will PROVE TO YOU that you will consistently win at baccarat using flat betting. (All the information has been updated for 2022 and is current.)

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I’m proud to bring to you a baccarat strategy that is truly a breakthrough in the world of baccarat. It is called the Predictor and you will win 3.5 units per shoe after commission which is over 6% of turnover. These figures are the average for all shoes and not just winning shoes. You do not have to count cards, it is easy to use, and you place bets on over 70% of hands dealt. It is designed to make you win at all online casinos and land  casinos.

Many of the professional baccarat players that you see at casinos are using this strategy and are winning big. It is a skill that you too will have for the rest of your life.

The Predictor logic is contained inside 2 different software called Online and Gold.​ You can download the software here.

About the ONLINE and GOLD software…
(After purchase the system and software are yours forever. UPGRADES to the system and software are FREE for 5 years.)

1. There is 2 software. Win at Baccarat GOLD and Win at Baccarat ONLINE. The Predictor logic is inside each of the 2 software and the details will be shown to you and revealed after purchase. You can read about the details of the Predictor when you purchase.
2. The GOLD software contains the PROOF THAT YOU WILL WIN using over 3000 REAL ONLINE LIVE DEALER and LAND CASINO SHOES that we have collected from all over the world. And also you can practice the Predictor before you go to land casinos. It tells you when you are right and when you are wrong.
3. The ONLINE software is when you play at an online casino. There are 100 FREE PREDICTIONS. You enter the result of the hands played at the online casino and the software uses the Predictor to tell you to bet on Banker or Player.
4. The ONLINE software is very easy to use when you play at an online casino. You just enter the result of the baccarat hand at the online casino by clicking on the Banker or Player or Tie button and then after about 6 to 10 hands the Predictor has enough information and will blink the Banker or Player button to tell you where to bet.

How was The Predictor created?

After many years of research by the 2 best baccarat players​ (see below) I have ever seen in my life, and I have been playing baccarat for over 27 years, the Predictor was created based on the Science of Statistics.

Please let me explain what I mean by ‘Science of Statistics’.

I think we all understand the word ‘science’. But not that many people know that the analysis of statistics is also science.

For example, analyzing past weather using statistics is a very powerful tool that is used every day to predict the weather for tomorrow and the next week for you. OK so it’s not 100% accurate but most of the time it is very very good.

When Wong and Patrick were talking one day about their very similar experiences when they won, they decided to have a close look at the statistics of the shoes that they won in. They recorded 1000’s of online and land shoes that they played and then they sent the data to a Data Scientist for analysis.

After a lot of analysis, and I do mean a lot of analysis, the Predictor was created. Machine Learning was used at the beginning and then Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN). This is what data scientists refer to as AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Do you want to be a Winner at Baccarat?

You can start using the Predictor System now. After purchase you will receive immediate access. The details of the system are also inside the Win@Baccarat ONLINE and the Win@Baccarat GOLD software (for land casinos). You will also receive instructions on how to unlock all features of the software. You will then use the software to practice by placing bets and then checking to see if you are right.

​You will also receive the “22 Secrets of Baccarat Play” gathered by our professional baccarat players team.

​The co-creators of the Predictor System and professional baccarat players, Wong Phat and Patrick Moore have their very interesting biographies posted on the website.

​Please note that the strategy has been tested at many land and 100s of online casinos by many 1000s of players so it will win for you.

Happy and prosperous playing to you.
Lee Jones

IMPORTANT Please email me or use the contact form with any questions that you have. I will always reply.
But please understand that I do not sit at my desk all day and night. I spend a lot of my time at the casinos in Las Vegas and keep crazy hours.
If you see me at a casino say hello, and of course tell me how you are going as I am very interested, but please do not tell the pit bosses who I am as they hate winners.


This video shows you how easy it is to use the ONLINE software to play at an online casino. It does not show a total shoe as the hands are dealt slowly and the casinos do not like their games being recorded and shown like this. Sorry, I will say it again…this video is just about showing you how easy it is to use the software.


There is a lot of information on this website so please read it carefully as it is important for you to understand.

1. Win up to $1650 a day for only 4 hours play.

That’s correct. You only have to play 4 hours in one day and you will win $1650. This is for online play as hands are dealt fast. Land casino play is, of course, slower but bets are higher so the results are much the same.

​(Based on $50 bets, and 10 shoes of about 80 hands in 4 hours. This is the betting speed achieved by experienced players.)

2. Win-rate is over 3.5 units per shoe after commission is paid.

This win rate is the average for ALL shoes played. Not just winning shoes but it includes losing shoes as well. Here are some interesting statistics when the Predictor System is applied to the “3007 Real Casino Shoes” collected from around the world.

Winning Shoes = 2166
at average win-rate of 6.17 units; 511 shoes won more than 9 units with the highest being 25 units.

Losing Shoes = 689
at average loss rate of 3.78 units; ONLY 29 shoes lost more then 9 units with the worst being 12 units (152 shoes had 0 units won).

The Predictor System was applied to the well know Zumma Baccarat System Tester book containing 600 shoes. The results were very similar. Details are in the FAQ.

Win 6% of turnover.

​What do I mean by that? Well, at a 70% bet rate (see below), and at $50 per bet, a 6% of turnover translates to:
80 hands per shoe x 70% = 55 hands bet
55 x $50 = $2750 total bets per shoe
$2750 x 6% = $165 win-rate per shoe.

​So if you play online, over a 4-hour session (10 shoes) you will win $1650 on average.

​This is the average across all shoes played. Winning and losing. On some shoes you will win thousands of dollars, and sure on others you might lose hundreds. But on average you will win.

​Albert from Las Vegas says “… and I have won over $27,000 in the last 20 days with your system in the casinos in Vegas.” More details here

Albert, Las Vegas NV

 Since I bought the ONLINE predictor strategy I have won many times more than I paid for it. In fact I have won over $27,000 in the last 20 days with your strategy.

I was shown how to consistently win at baccarat using flat betting and I am very happy.

I bet small in the beginning and then bet bigger and bigger as I got more confident. It is easy to use. It is just incredible. Thank you very much.

You may show my email on your website if you like as I want to help other players win.

Chung Duy Hùng, Vietnam

Tôi đang thắng nhiều tiền tại các sòng bạc trực tuyến với hệ thống và phần mềm này. Cảm ơn Lee.

ALEX, San Diego CA

…. it is by far the best baccarat system I have seen.”

John Sterling, Fulham, London, UK

I have tried many baccarat strategies without success, until now. Over 14 days I have won $19,000 playing online casinos. I started with a small bankroll of only $300, made small bets of $1 to $5 playing online, and have built up my bankroll so now I bet $25, $50, and even $100 sometimes.

The standard gold version is great the way it taught me how to use the predictor system.

Also the Online version is so easy to use with my favorite online casinos and win. I am based in the UK but with the online version I can play anywhere.

I think it’s great and will tell everyone who wants to ask. Feel free to use my email.”

Zhao Fu, Macao

I congratulate you with much greatness I have never won so much very very happy now sorry for my english thank you.

4. Bet over 70% of hands played (bet-rate)

The average 8-deck min-bacc shoe has 80 hands dealt from it, so because the strategy has a 70% bet rate, you bet 55 hands per shoe per hour.

That leaves only 25 non-bet hands which will not be a problem when you are sitting down, as most casinos will not give you any grief for not betting on 25 hands per shoe. If they do, all you have to do is bet say every third hand or even on tie sometimes.

5. Flat betting not progression.

The strategy is 100% flat betting.

Any system that uses a progression will soon be making bets that are too large for your bankroll and will blow you out the door very quickly.

6. Small bankroll.

You only need 20 units per shoe and a life-time bankroll of 95 units. This is because the strategy is flat betting and also has a stop-loss.

​John Sterling said “I started with a small bankroll of only $300, made small bets of $1 to $5 playing online, and have built up my bankroll so now I bet $25, $50, and even $100 sometimes.” More details here.


Give me a FREE demo!

Over 4 years of development so you will WIN, and EASY to use.

Note that this is quality software and no rubbish is installed !!!
I promise you that this is the best baccarat software that you have ever seen.

100 FREE Predictions for YOU to use at an online casino.

Click here! FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD Win@Baccarat GOLD
TEST the system on 3007 real casino shoes from around the world and tens of thousands of computer generated shoes.

If you cannot download the software please email me at or Contact Form and I will be able to help.

7. Baccarat is NOT random, coin tossing is random.

Some people say that baccarat results are totally random. I say that it only appears that way if you don’t know what areas to look at.

​Think about this then. A simple definition of pure randomness is tossing a coin over a period of time and producing 50% heads and 50% tails, or near enough to that, no argument there surely. This outcome is the result of totally random events.

​However, in contrast to this, a baccarat shoe has a fixed number of cards, cards values, and rules. When these three aspects interact together the result is certainly not random. No way.

8. You track only 2 aspects of baccarat simultaneously.

Mode 1 is effective for streaky shoes (many consecutive Bankers and Players). Mode 2 is best for choppy shoes (lots of changes from Banker to Player and back). You track both modes so whatever the shoe does you have it covered.

Some systems require you to track more than two sets of figures. Many players have told me that this is way too hard to do in a casino environment and they simply get confused


9. Mechanical and precise system.

Unlike some strategies that have a fuzzy definition of when to bet the Predictor System tells you exactly when to bet and when not to bet based on simple mathematics.

If you can add up you can use the system.

10. Not pattern recognition.

​Many players and some baccarat strategies use the pattern on the baccarat score card to predict results.

This does not work and we do not use this technique.

11. No card counting.

You do not count card values with this strategies. With some systems you have to count card values and then bet at the end of the shoe. Let me tell you, no casino will let you do that for long.

​Also for online players, because there is no card counting, the fact that many online casinos shuffle after every hand does not affect the Predictor System. It works just as well.

See the Predictor System in action!

Over 4 years of development so you will WIN, and EASY to use.

Note that this is quality software and no rubbish is installed !!!
I promise you that this is the best baccarat software that you have ever seen.

100 FREE Predictions for YOU to use at an online casino.

Click here! FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD Win@Baccarat GOLD
TEST the system on 3007 real casino shoes from around the world and tens of thousands of computer generated shoes.

If you cannot download the software please email me at and I will be able to help.

Robert, Camarillo CA

The predictor system is the best strategy I have ever used. It has exceeded my wildest expectations. I have used it on four trips to Las Vegas and am up over $17,000. Wow.”

Horace, Warsaw MO

Lee, … I really have profited from your Win@Baccarat Gold. It is the best.”

Don, Kennesaw GA

I purchased Win@Baccarat, and was very happy with this program. Whoever put it together did a great job!”


Jeff Khoo, Hong Kong

My dreams of winning at baccarat have come true.
Thank you Lee. Please let people email to me so I can tell them how good it is.
Thank you again.”

Richard, San Jose CA

Thank you, and I do appreciate your help and kindness in this regard. I do enjoy very much all your software editions, and I compliment you for your fine work on it, and I highly recommend it to others as well……Thanks again”

 Predictor System

The Predictor System is INSIDE the two software programs ‘Win@Baccarat Gold‘ and ‘Win@Baccarat Online‘ because it is the quickest and easiest way for you to see its effects and also to test it.

Win@Baccarat Gold with the Predictor System lets you test the baccarat system on 3007 real casino shoes (226,448 baccarat hands) that have been collected over the last 5 years of playing baccarat around the world. You also use the software to help you practice the system.

Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System tells you when and where to bet while you are playing at an online casino. You run this software when you play online and you simply enter your online casino results, one hand at a time into the software, and the Predictor System will tell you when and where to bet. How good is that! The trial version has FREE PREDICTIONS to test the system with your favorite online casino.

You must DOWNLOAD and install the software on your computer.

To test the Predictor System you must download and install the software on your computer. It is easy to do and many people have said that it is the best baccarat system and software they have ever seen. Please click below to go to the download page for further instructions or continue reading below.

Click to go to DOWNLOAD instructions.

There is an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that has answers to almost 20 common questions.

Read what some of our many happy customers have to say. click here.

Have you ever wondered why some people get 100 times better results when they are not 100 times smarter than everyone else?

My aim for you with this Baccarat System is really very simple. TO HELP YOU WIN AGAINST CASINOS! I am sick and tired of casinos having it all their own way. That’s why I have created these baccarat software versions (the Predictor System is in the GOLD and ONLINE versions) for various levels of player standard.

If Baccarat is a new game to you, take a closer look. You’ll find it well worth your while. Don’t let the somewhat mystifying baccarat rules put you off as it is essentially a 50-50 bet. It’s a great game, easy to learn and very exciting. In fact Baccarat is one of the few games that the Casino allows you to actually touch the cards to reveal their value.

Did you know that you have a better chance to win playing Baccarat than Blackjack. The odds are in your favor.

Do you want to be a winner? Of course you do.

Everyone wants to be a winner, but without years of experience and professional inside knowledge of the game, you would have to be an eternal optimist to think you can consistently win with luck alone. To win you will need to develop a game plan, which is exactly what we have been working on here at Smart Casino Player.

That means you get maximum benefit with minimum effort. We’ve done the hard work for you! The end result is this suite of acclaimed software programs. Win@Baccarat designed by international Baccarat players Patrick Moore and Wong Phat in conjunction with myself.

We will show you how to develop a game plan to make YOU the winner and not the Casino. See how to win at online casinos here.

So, if you are new to Baccarat let us unlock the mysteries for you, and for those of you who already love the game let us help you redefine your thinking and method of playing Baccarat. Don’t continue to sit at your favorite Baccarat table relying on “lady luck”, we all know how fickle she can be.

Win@Baccarat will maximize your success.

We provide you with easy to understand instructions for you to use every time you play at any land based or online casino anywhere in the world. Unlike other card games, the rules of Baccarat are exactly the same whether you are playing in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System

To compliment the GOLD version we have just released Win@Baccarat Online with the Predictor System for Online Casinos. Simply enter your online casino play results and the Predictor System will automatically tell you when and where to bet. How good is that! The trial version has free predictions to test the system with your favorite online casino.

Win@Baccarat GOLD with the Predictor System

To help you we have Win@Baccarat Gold with the Predictor System to give you a REAL and PROVABLE ADVANTAGE OVER CASINOS. Run the proof for yourself and see.

The GOLD version contains the Predictor System which will be revealed to you after purchase. You will learn how to use the system and you will be able to practise it using the software. You can then use it for land based casinos or internet casinos and win.

See all reviews here.