Online Casino Results

    After you have started your favorite online casino.

1. Enter ‘Hands To Play’ and ‘Unit Value’.

Many online casinos shuffle after every hand, so there is no such thing as a shoe in that case. Because the Preditor System does NOT count cards, a shuffle after every hand does not affect the system. Just enter 80 for 'Hands to play'

The Predictor System will start to predict after about 6 to 10 hands.

2. Click ‘Start / End Play’ to start playing.

3. Click on one of the result buttons (Banker / Player / Tie) to record a hand from the online casino.

4. You can now enter your bet units or let the Predictor System™ do it for you. The Banker and Player buttons will blink when the Predictor System suggests a bet.

How easy is that!

The Scoring Card will record the result and the units bet for you.

The Statistics screen will track your overall winnings.

Predictor System™

1. To have the Predictor System™ suggest and/or make bets for you click on the Predictor System™ button.

2. Then enter the optimum figures into mode 1 and mode 2 as described in the Predictor System™ details.

3. Click on ‘Activate Predictor System’.

4. If you want the Predictor System™ to automatically make bets for you then click on ‘Auto Bet’ and enter the number of units to bet.

That’s it. Just play as described in the ‘Online Casino Results’ above.

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