Win $1650 a day for only 4 hours play.

That's correct. You only have to play 4 hours in one day and you will win $1650. This is based on online play as hands are dealt as fast as you want them. Land casino play is of course slower but bets are higher so the results are much the same.

Win 6% of turnover.

At a 70% bet-rate, and at $50 per bet, a 6% of turnover translates to:

80 hands per shoe x 70% = 55 hands bet

55 x $50 = $2750 total bets per shoe

$2750 x 6% = $165 win-rate per shoe.

So if you play online, over a 4-hour session (10 shoes) you will win $1650 on average.

This is the average across all shoes played. Winning and losing. On some shoes you will win thousands of dollars, and sure on others you might lose hundreds. But on average you will win.

The Predictor System™ will win 3.5 units per shoe, which is over 6% of turnover. These are average figures for ALL shoes, not just winning shoes. The Predictor System will recommend a bet 70% of the time, so there will not be any problems regarding sitting at a table and not betting enough.

Please Note! The Predictor System™ secrets are revealed in the Win@Baccarat GOLD with the Predictor System™ program, which also contains PROOF runs using 3007 Real Casino shoes collected from around the world, or casino style shuffle computer simulation shoes. These proof runs will show you how much you can win with the Predictor System™.

When you purchase Win@Baccarat GOLD with the Predictor System™ you will be taught how to use the Predictor System™ for all types of casinos whether they are land based or online.

So to properly test drive it please download and install, and give it a good evaluation.

The aim

The Predictor System has been developed specifically to give you the player an advantage over the casino. Simply put, by using this system you can make money playing Baccarat at casinos.

What is it?

The Predictor System is an easy to use but very powerful method of being able to predict the results of Baccarat outcomes so that you will win more often than you will lose. It uses the four basic elements of Baccarat (Banker, Player, Vertical, and Single) in a very simple yet elegant fashion.

If you can count you can win. (NO - You do NOT have to count cards as is done in Blackjack)

Professional Blackjack players have to count cards and use basic strategy to gain an advantage; this method is MUCH SIMPLER and yields better results.

The Scoring Card that you can use freely at casinos is all you need. In fact once you get proficient you will not even have to make any extra markings above the standard ones already made by most players.

You can even walk around various tables and use the markings that other players have already made and the Predictor System will tell you when and on what you should bet.

How was it developed?

A couple of professional Baccarat players wanted to find out why they were able to win consistently whilst most other players seemed to loose. They figured that if they knew why then perhaps a formal method could be developed and thereby improve their winnings and consistency.

After some searching they came across Lucky 9 Baccarat (A baccarat computer simulation software now called Win@Baccarat) and were very impressed by the author’s knowledge of Baccarat and software development and thought that perhaps with the aid of computers they might find the formula behind their success. They contacted Lee, explained their ideas, and offered to sponsor him during the research.

After feeding into the computer many thousands of shoes that had been gathered from actual casino games, combined with the efforts of very experienced specialists in mathematics and computers and many fruitless attempts they realized that Banker, Player, Vertical (when consecutive Banker or Player results occur a Vertical series of markings appear on the marking card.), and Single (this is when the result stays with Banker or Player. When betting on a ‘Same’ you hope that the current result occurs.) came together in a synergetic fashion to produce truly outstanding results in a field of endeavor that most people had written off as impossible to solve.

(There are some so called systems being promoted but the returns are ridiculously low as the favorable conditions occur only every 4 or 5 shoes and then only for a brief time at the end of the shoe.)

Why tell everyone and risk getting the marking card banned?

In Blackjack you cannot use any recording equipment (pen, paper, calculators etc.) while in Baccarat you are allowed the Marking Card. Why is that? Well in Blackjack everyone knows that if you count cards and bet accordingly you will win in the long run, while in Baccarat there is no system to assist you no matter what you write on the card. True, up to now. However even if they eventually ban the Marking Card it won’t matter as the system is easy to use as will become apparent to you. In other words we won’t care what counter measures the casinos will take in the future – we will still win.

If the system is so simple and easy why wasn’t it discovered before?

Sure the result is a simple system (as are all great discoveries that are practical) but the road to the discovery was far from simple.

What are my expected winnings?

The average 8 deck mini-baccarat game takes about 1 hour to play and involves a minimum of 70 to 80 hands per shoe. The Predictor System™ on average will call for 55 bets to be placed. At $50 per bet and with a return of 6% (but can be up to 7% plus) gives you an income of $170 per hour.

This can of course be greater with a higher bet value. That is up to you.

Example – if you play black chips ($100) then you should get $340 per hour.

Test the Predictor System™ For Yourself

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